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David Lashmore
Chief Executive Officer

Pavel Bystricky
Chief Technology Officer

Ivka Kalus
Chief Financial Officer

Susanthri Perera
Chief Chemist

Rachna Sharma

John Bulmer
Senior Scientist

Imre Tary
Project Engineer

Bob Kirkwood
Mechanical Engineer

Tom Fenton
Chemical Engineer

Matt Whitmore
Mechanical Engineer

Mike Lammi
Chemical Engineer

Mike Felch

Vito Licata

David Lashmore - Chief Executive Officer
PhD, Materials Science, Univ. of Virginia
MS, Physics, Michigan Tech.
BS, Engineering Science and Mechanics, Univ. of Florida

Dr. Lashmore is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the development of carbon and boron nitride nanotube fibers. In addition to his role as CEO of Boronite, he is Research Professor, Materials Science and Physics, at the University of New Hampshire. Prior to co-founding Boronite, Dr. Lashmore was also co-founder of Materials Innovation, focused on the development and production of coated metallic powders used for very high strength PM steels and soft magnetic alloys, and Nanocomp, focused on the synthesis of carbon nanotube tapes and fibers. Earlier in his career, Dr. Lashmore was a researcher at NIST, where he was instrumental in the development of artificial superlattices using electrochemical techniques. He conducted fundamental work in compositionally modulated alloys, which led to the formation of several successful commercial companies, including Modumetal. He also developed a coated powder technology now being used in the powder metallurgy industry for soft magnetic materials. Altogether Dr. Lashmore holds 42 issued patents and is the author of over 90 archival papers. Total citations of his research exceed 2400. He has received many awards for his innovations, including:

  • “Invented Here Award” in 2014 for top New England Inventors for Patents on Nanotube Antennas and CNT Yarn and Sheet formation
  • The Wall Street Journal award
  • NASA Nano-50 Award
  • Time Invention of the Year (2000) for compact P/M press
  • Powder Metallurgy Award (2000) for Advanced Soft Magnetic Materials

Dr. Lashmore is a UNH delegate to the New England Council on Advanced Manufacturing and has been on the advisory committee to the NH Governor for Education.


Pavel Bystricky - Chief Technology Officer
PhD, Materials Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS, Materials Science-Metallurgy, INP – GPM2 Grenoble
BSE, Materials Science-Metallurgy, INP – ENSEE Grenoble

Dr. Bystricky is CTO of Boronite and is responsible for managing day-to-day operations. He is a leading materials expert with in-depth knowledge of nanotubes, nanotechnology, composites, metals, and smart materials. Prior to co-founding Boronite, Dr. Bystricky was founder and president of Mat-IQ, an Engineering R&D Services company. He was also affiliated professor of Materials Science at the University of New Hampshire, where he worked with Dr. Lashmore on the development of a state-of-the-art automated production system of nanotube fibers and on the characterization of nanotube structural, mechanical, and electrical properties. Earlier in his career, Dr. Bystricky was the Director of Advanced Materials at Kazak Composites and the Director of Product Development at CeraNova Corporation. He was also a research scientist at École des Mines and Électricité de France (EDF), where he developed a general quantitative model of stress corrosion cracking in nuclear power plant cooling systems, and at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility, where he designed a water purification system for a neutrino detector. Dr. Bystricky has several patents, most of them related to carbon, ceramic and metal composite advanced materials. He also has numerous publications related to the development of advanced materials and smart structures.


Ivka Kalus - Chief Financial Officer
MALD, Natural Resource Economics, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
BA, Biology, Harvard University

A co-founder of Boronite, Ivka is responsible for managing the budget and finances of the corporation. She has a long career in finance as an analyst and portfolio manager. Her expertise includes fundamental, quantitative and macroeconomic analysis, risk management, financial modeling, cash management, new product development, marketing, and sustainable investing. Prior to her career in Finance, Ivka was a Management Consultant for Arthur D. Little, Inc. in Cambridge MA and in Prague, where she worked on numerous privatization projects of state-owned enterprises. She currently serves on the Boards of the Boston Economic Club and United Planet.


Susanthri Perera - Chief Chemist
PhD, Inorganic Chemistry, Wayne State University
BASc, Chemistry, University of Peradeniya

Dr. Perera is Chief Chemist at Boronite and is responsible for developing and managing the chemistry of our proprietary manufacturing process. Prior to joining Boronite, Dr. Perera was Senior Scientist at Evident Technologies, where she worked on the synthesis of nanomaterials systems for biological applications and designed thermoelectric nanomaterials composites and thin films. She also focused on nanomaterial synthesis during her postdoctoral fellowships at UC Davis and Florida State University. Dr. Perera has published numerous papers, has several patents, and is considered a leading expert in quantum dots.


Rachna Sharma - Controller
BS - Accounting and Finance, M.S. University

Rachna manages all of the accounting functions at Boronite, including financial statement preparation and analysis, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, legal and regulatory requirements, and benefits administration and takes care of all of the day-to-day aspects of keeping our small company running efficiently. Before joining the Boronite team, she pursued a successful 10 year career as a Financial Analyst for a large company.


John Bulmer - Senior Scientist
PhD, Materials Science, University of Cambridge, UK
MS, Physics, Wright State University
BS, Physics and Maths, US Air Force Academy

John is a distinguished graduate from the U.S. Air Force Academy with a dual major B.S. in physics and mathematics. He served in the Air Force where he flew Learjets and managed a superconductivity laboratory. He deployed twice to Kabul Afghanistan where he instructed command and control, as well as liaised with the Afghan government in implementing region-specific counter-IED messages. He earned the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, was regularly the company grade officer of the quarter, and was Wright Patterson’s Detachment 1 Company Grade Officer of the year (1 out of approximately 400 officers). John honorably separated from active duty to pursue a PhD at Cambridge University, where he researched manufacturing and conduction mechanisms of carbon nanotube based textiles. He has multiple collaborations with industry, DoE and DoD laboratories, and European research centers, authored 18 papers,1 patent, and is on the advisory board of Nature Scientific Reports.


Imre Tary - Project Engineer
BS, Electrical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Imre is responsible for developing and building out Boronite’s fiber manufacturing technology. He has worked as an engineer in the field of advanced materials for many years and specializes in the design and development of advanced materials manufacturing processes. Prior to joining Boronite, he was project engineer at KaZaK Composites, where he was responsible for the design and fabrication of innovative composite products and processes, including a hydraulic rescue spreader, similar to the Jaws of Life, but easier to deploy in difficult environments. Prior to that, Imre was senior engineer at Continuum Photonics where he developed a manufacturing process to scale up an actuator/sensor technology. Earlier in his career, Imre was a foreman and mold technician at Kelly Company and a senior component engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation.


Bob Kirkwood - Mechanical Engineer
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, UMass Lowell 2017
BS, Mechanical Engineering, RPI 1976

Bob does the mechanical engineering in support of Boronite processes. He analyzes stresses, stiffness, heat transfer, and gas flows. He designs and diagnoses processing equipment and fixtures. Bob returned to mechanical engineering after 30 years as a software developer. His dissertation work enabled sustained CAD/CAM/CAE integration via STEP files. In his early career Bob worked as a machinist, foreman, and manufacturing engineer. Bob has worked in process equipment and precision machining at Union Carbide, then the computer manufacturing at Digital Equipment Corp.


Tom Fenton - Senior Chemist
PhD, Physical Chemistry, University of New Hampshire
BS, Chemistry, SUNY Oneonta

Tom is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire. He is in charge of assisting engineers in the upscaling of synthesis and chemistry processes at Boronite. He also assists Dr. Perera in developing the chemistry of our proprietary processes and chemical techniques. As an undergraduate at SUNY Oneonta in NY, Tom worked with development of lab procedures for graphene and graphene oxide synthesis in small startup labs. He has several papers from his graduate work investigating mechanisms of CO2 reduction with a multitude of metal catalysts from Re, Co and Cu. Additionally, Tom is an avid Bruins fan and tries to make games when he can to support the boys in black and gold.


Matt Whitmore - Mechanical Engineer
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Matt is responsible for the mechanical design and assembly of Boronite’s proprietary CNT and BNNT fiber and tape manufacturing processes. He also supports the testing and characterization of Boronite’s material development by designing and building necessary test apparatus. Matt came to Boronite as a Co-op student interested in the field of materials science and became a full-time employee after graduation. During his time at Wentworth, Matt focused on the design and analysis of mechanical systems using the Finite Element Method and performed various studies on the strength characteristics of 3D-printed plastics. Outside of work, Matt is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hiking and exploring the nearby Appalachian Mountains.


Mike Lammi - Chemical Engineer
BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mike is in charge of characterization of Boronite’s nanomaterials using onsite instruments, which include Scanning Electron Microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Thermogravimetric Analysis, Instron tensile testing of yarns, and custom-built conductivity and dielectric measurement systems.


Mike Felch - Technician

Mike is responsible for the maintenance of several high temperature boron-nitride CVD synthesis furnaces and their supporting apparatus. He also supports modifications to this equipment, new experimental designs for textile handling and gas delivery and controls. Mike came to us from Nanocomp where he conducted similar jobs focused on carbon nanotube synthesis.


Vito Licata - Technician

Vito is responsible for operation and maintenance of nanotube CVD reactors. He also supports fuel synthesis for both carbon and boron-nitride processes as well as aiding with product development. Vito came to Boronite from Creative Materials where he started as an intern characterizing raw materials and current products before being hired to develop new products and later transitioning to quality control.


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